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Christmas Visit 2018

Last updated 11 months ago

Christmas spent in a hospital is not where a young child wants to be, but when Capt. Baldy and his trusty brood of eaglets show up for a visit then life seems just a little bit better for them. At least for a few hours. This is what Pilots For Kids is all about. We show up with smiles and laughter and encouragement and for a hospital, we hope its the only thing that is contagious. We bring presents that we hope will help take their mind off why they are there. This year, Amy Ford and her team with Le Bonheur set up stations for painting wooden airplanes. What a hit this was! It gave us just a little more time to spend with these young artist. Something dear to my heart as my ambitions to become a pilot started when I was about their age and was painting airplane models. Talk about a teary eyed moment when I noticed a young patient who sat down with her mom to paint an airplane but she didn't know what color she she wanted to use. I showed her a pic of a plane that I grew up working on, and was amazed to see later that she painted her plane those same colors. These kids sure do teach us a thing or two about whats important in life.

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2018 Visit to Le Bonheur Children's Hosp

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 - 13:00 to 15:00 CST

Looking forward to another great visit and to make this a wonderful Christmas to a lot of children.

Dress Code:
Get Directions: 848 Adams Ave, Memphis, TN 38103
RSVP: 704-519-6260

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